Surface Arts

Surface Arts

Surface Arts provides opportunities for artists whose work is situated within public spaces, disused sites and everyday places to extend the reach of the work to wider audiences. We aim to facilitate interactions between artists and the public in order to grow new dialogues and relationships for both the artist and the public, creating an environment for critical exposure where artists and the public can engage in a meaningful exchange of art and ideas.

We develop projects, events and curatorial programming for artistic production that is responsive to sites and activities happening there, often involving interactive processes and participation.

The production spaces of artists, performers, writers and curators as sites of valuable visual and intellectual interactions is what we aim to illuminate and cultivate.

It is important to support the artists’ career development by providing chances to liberate the uses of public and disused space to create a play grounds for exploration and different ways of representing art. This gives artists working in these areas a chance to develop and realise site specific, performative, ephemeral or time based works outside of the ‘White Cube’.

Surface Arts is a non-for profit organisation.

Surface Arts.

The Bothy Project » Art Residencies

For 6 months of the year Inshriach Bothy is open for 1-week self-directed artist residencies (01 October to 31 March). For the other 6 months (1 April – 30 September) the bothy is rented to the general public.
The next available 6-month art residency period runs from 1st October 2013 to 31st March 2014.  Bookings for this period will be made available shortly. 

For general public rentals of the bothy during the Inshriach Estate time please see the Canopy and Stars website on our links page (please note income from public rentals goes to Inshriach Estate and not TBP).


The Bothy Project » Art Residencies.

Ginkgo Projects – Projects


Our extensive experience has given us a clear understanding of the different needs of both the artists and the clients we work with, enabling us to build successful working relations between all the partners in our creative projects.

We passionately believe that quality effective art commissioning connects people with place through the enhancement of experiences; this is therefore the fundamental basis on which we work.

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Ginkgo Projects – Projects.


Conference: Olympic Art Review ~ London 2012 Olympic Park & East London Art Projects. 3rd July 2012. Queen Mary, University of London « AAJ Press

Conference: Olympic Art Review ~ London 2012 Olympic Park & East London Art Projects. 3rd July 2012. Queen Mary, University of London « AAJ Press.

The Olympic Art Review conference will focus on the Art in the Park commissions in the Olympic Park and the broader cultural strategy for East London to present information and critical debate on the process, activity and legacy of the art programme for London 2012.

Olympic Art Review ~ London 2012 Olympic Park & East London Art Projects

  • Date ~ Tuesday 3rd July 2012, 9 am – 5 pm
  • Venue ~ Arts 2, Queen Mary, University of London, Mile End Campus, London E1
  • Cost ~ £95.00   (please note additional eventbrite booking fee of £6.35)
  • Conference Booking ~

Olympic Art Review ~ Speakers & Content

Chair: Lewis Biggs OBE. Curator, Folkestone Triennial 2014

  •  The Olympic Legacy & London

Professor Philip Ogden ~ Queen Mary, the University in the cultural and educational life of East London. 
Professor of Geography, Senior Advisor to the Principal,
 Queen Mary, University of London

  •  Art & Architecture in the Park & East London

Sarah Weir OBE ~ Art in the Park. Chief Executive at The Legacy List / Previously Head of Arts and Cultural Strategy, Olympic Delivery Authority

Liza Fior ~ Olympic Fringe Culture – Hackney Wick and Fish Islandmuf architecture/art

Kathryn Findlay ~ Arcelor Mittal Orbit – Sculpture & Structure. Ushida Findlay Architects

  • Art & the Olympic Dream

Neville Gabie ~ An Artist in Residence. Artist in residence for the Olympic Delivery Authority during the construction of the Olympic Park from September 2010 – December 2011.

Dr Hilary Powell & Dr Isaac Marrero ~ The Salon de Refuse Olympique / The Art of Dissent: Intervening in the Olympic Dream. The Bartlett School of Architecture / Birkbeck College, University of London                                                                                           

  • From London 2012 to Rio 2016 ~ The Cultural Impact of the Olympics

Dr Beatriz Garcia ~ London 2012: Cultural Policy & ImpactHead of Research, Institute of Cultural Capital, University of Liverpool

Professor Paul Heritage ~ Cultural Connections, Occupations and Transformations: London 2012 – Rio 2016Professor of Drama and Director of People’s Palace Projects, Queen Mary, University of London

  • Debate: The Battle of Olympic Ideas ~ Good Sport ~ Good Art?

Chair  ~ Lewis Biggs OBE:  Panel: Dr Hilary Powell ­~ Liza Fior ~ Dr Beatriz Garcia ~ Sarah Weir OBE Olympic Art Review Conference Highlights

  • Artists, architects, activists and commissioners for the London 2012 Olympic Park,  ‘Art in the Park’, and East London Fringe programme will address the definition, procurement and presentation of art in public realm projects.
  • Academic and professional assessment of the urban cultural impacts for event led regeneration.
  • People’s Palace Project ~ cultural intervention and social transformation and development in Rio de Janeiro to link London 2012 to Rio 2016 in Brazil.
  • Debate ~ Battle of Olympic Ideas:  Good Sport ~ Good Art? –  Art in the public realm as a form of social intervention / interference and cultural benefit / control.

Olympic Art Review ~ Critical Propositions

  • What is the future social, economic and cultural legacy of Art in the Park and East London Art Projects post London 2012?
  • To discuss the role of art, culture and architecture as catalysts for change in shaping local identity in projects in the five Olympic boroughs.
  • To investigate artists’ responses and interventions to civic and corporate social and political planning.
  • To examine how art and culture-led approaches can provide wider social and economic benefits for people, places and communities.
  • To explore the communication between aesthetic, social and political constructions in the production of artistic concepts and architectural ideas within the challenge of architectural and environmental regeneration.
  • To examine the role and process of commissioning art – the place of the artist adapting to the language of architect – the creative role of the architect relating their concepts to artistic practice.

Partners: Queen Mary, University of London; TCCE (The Culture Capital Exchange); London Festival of Architecture 2012; IXIA (Public Art Think Tank)

Olympic Art Review London 2012 Olympic Park & East London Art Projects

  • Date: Tuesday 3rd July 2012, 9 am – 5 pm
  • Venue: Arts 2, Queen Mary, University of London, Mile End Campus, London E1
  • Cost:  £95.00   (plus additional Eventbrite booking fee of £6.35)

Conference Booking

Olympic Art Review Conference ~ AAJ Press Contact        

Jeremy Hunt  I  07512 812 502 (UK)  I

The Olympic Art Review Conference is organised by AAJ Press ~ a knowledge and communications platform connecting art, architecture, design and urban thinking through a multi-media network ~ www ~ blog ~ online journal ~ publications ~ events ~ films ~ media and communications.

Images: LLDC Queen Elizabeth Park; Monica Bonvicini, RUN; Neville Gabie, Freeze Frame.

99 Tiny Games | Hide&Seek – Inventing new kinds of play

We’re very excited to announce a new project for this summer: a collection of site-specific games spread all across London.

Yes, “all across”: three in each borough, for a total of ninety-nine. 99 Tiny Games. Each one a unique ruleset just a few sentences long, printed on a vinyl and stuck onto the ground or a wall somewhere in London, sitting there, waiting to be played by passers-by.

Some of you may remember the project we ran at the Southbank Centre last summer:Tiny Games, a collection of ten games scattered across the Southbank Centre. (The pictures above are taken from that project.) It was amazing to walk through the site and spot people playing games we’d made up and stuck on the ground, so we’re absolutely thrilled to be able to explore the same idea on a much grander scale.

99 Tiny Games will be running from 28 July to 23 August, as part of Showtime. There’ll be games in bandstands and parks, on paths and tube station walls; on high streets, by shopping centres, under archways, in corners, in squares, by statues and lakes and bus-stops. Everywhere, really.

Thank you to all the boroughs, Mayor of London, the Arts Council, and the London 2012 Festival.

99 Tiny Games | Hide&Seek – Inventing new kinds of play.